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Sweet Dreams in an Even Sweeter Bedroom

remodel bedroom

Remodeling the bedroom is a project everyone wants to do but nobody wants to live through. But with a little planning, you can make your bedroom dreams a reality. Keep reading to find out how.

Clear it out

Cleaning your bedroom out is both the best and worst thing you can do. It’s the best in that it allows you an opportunity to start with a blank canvas. However, it also means you may not have easy access to your clothes, shoes and other items you need to get dressed each day. A spare bedroom is the perfect place to handle your morning routine. That is if you don’t fill it up with the stuff from your master bedroom. Your best bet is to rent a temporary storage unit, which costs around $97.25 in the Colorado Springs area for one month. It’s a small price to pay to keep your furniture and personal belongings safe and free up space in other rooms. Plus, housing your large furniture off-site means you won’t have to rush and can take the time to truly customize your bedroom. Liberty Mutual offers tips on packing that can help you keep your bedroom organized, even in storage.

Color your world

The color of your bedroom matters both for aesthetic and practical reasons. If bare white walls make you feel institutionalized, consider going with a shade of gray, blue, or neutral beige or tan. These 20 bedroom color schemes by Shutterfly can help you get your creative juices flowing.

Focus on the floor

Once your walls have been properly saturated in color, it’s time to look at the windows and floor. Choose a rug and curtains that accent your wall color. If your walls are dark, choose a light colored rug and curtains and vice versa. When your bedroom has hardwood floors, having a rug underfoot will help keep your feet warm upon rising in the morning. HouseTipster delves deeper into bedroom rug placement and how to use your floor coverings as a design element.


In the bedroom, you should have at least two light sources: a ceiling light for daytime tasks and one you can reach from the bed. A frosted glass floor lamp paired with a similar style light overhead will provide unity and soften the impact of artificial light. Add a small motion-sensitive night light for as low as $3.32 to help illuminate the room if you wake up for a midnight snack or bathroom break.

Comfy in the bed

No bedroom remodel would be complete without new bedding and, like your curtains and rug, your bedding should complement your wall color without being too distracting. Stick with cotton, and you’ll avoid sweating through the night.

Surviving the night

A bedroom remodel is certainly something to look forward to but it’s also a daunting task. You’ll be sleeping out of your comfort zone for at least a few nights – longer if you plan to add space or refinish the floors. Here are a few tips on how to make it through the inconvenience:

  • Contain the chaos. Install a barrier between your bedroom and the rest of the home if you will be sanding the walls. This will prevent dust from permeating your house.
  • Clean up at the end of each project. Once the paint is dry, clean the brushes and put the bucket in the garage. Throw away packaging from items before bringing in additional decor.
  • Be prepared. Above all, make sure you have all of your supplies ready when it’s time to begin. You will only cause stress and strain on yourself if you have to stop mid-wall to buy extra paint.

Remember, preparation is the key. Clear out your space, keep your supplies on hand and take your time. This is a project you only want to do once, and if you’ve thought ahead and put your furniture in storage, you won’t have to rush into hasty decisions.

Written by: Erin Reynolds of | [email protected]

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