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Links and Resources to Connect Seniors With Vital Help and Services

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Senior members of our communities should be cherished and cared for, but so many times these beloved pillars end up living far away from loved ones. Which is why it’s up to their local neighbors to ensure they have the help they need to live healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives. It’s the right thing to do, and this guide from Excellent Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical can be useful for getting started.


Connect Seniors With Paid Services


Even the most simple daily tasks can be challenging for older adults, especially if they are living with limited mobility, chronic pain or disabilities. Sometimes hiring help is a practical solution:



Look for Local Community Resources


Many seniors live on a fixed income, and this can put paid services like the ones above out of their reach. Thankfully, there are several organizations and resources that can step in and help:


  • Seniors who need help around the home may be able to cover services via Medicare.
  • There may be funding available to help seniors modify furniture to fit their special needs.
  • Food assistance programs should also be available for older adults in most areas.
  • When a senior is struggling with grief, help connect them with


Turn to Social Media and Technology


You’re already reading this guide, which means you’re pretty tech-savvy. Put those tech skills to use by helping seniors get connected to these tools for combating loneliness and isolation:


  • Facebook and other social media platforms can be critical for so many seniors.
  • There are even programs dedicated to connecting seniors with the latest tech.


Seniors should be able to live out their golden years in safety and comfort, regardless of how far away they live from their family. If you know seniors who are in need in your community, use this guide to ensure they are taken care of and feel like they matter. Your small act of kindness will mean so much to older adults and seniors who are struggling.


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