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4 Plumbing Issues To Avoid This Spring

pipe wrenchIf you are like most homeowners out there, you are excited about the onset of spring and all of the opportunities it provides for you to get outdoors and take care of some of the projects around the house that you have been putting off for some time. While outdoor projects are usually the priority during spring thanks to the milder temperatures and the pleasant weather, it is important to make sure you don’t forget about the many other components of your home that perform vital functions, like your plumbing system. While it might not seem like spring is a bad time of year for plumbing issues, there are several that spring up more commonly during the spring months, and it pays to be aware of what they are so you can be on the lookout. To help you in this task, our team of professionals have put together this short list that highlights several of the most common spring plumbing issues, and what you can do to avoid them.

Check Your Bathrooms

Leaking toilets are an issue that you always want to be on the lookout for, but especially in the spring. To check your toilet for leaks, one of the most effective methods is to put a few drops of food coloring into the tank, and let it sit for about 30 minutes. If after that time, the water in the bowl has changed color, it’s a sign that there is an issue with at least one of the components in the reservoir. The best solution is to call in a professional plumber and let them repair the issue as needed.

Protect Your Sewer Lines From Tree Roots

Spring is the start of the growing season for many forms of plant life, including the trees around your home. As the weather starts to warm up, these trees are going to start spreading their roots in search of water, and if they manage to penetrate into your plumbing lines, these roots can cause serious blockages and damage. This spring, it pays to make sure you have your sewer lines inspected and serviced before the weather heats up too much and these roots have a chance to grow into your pipes.

Inspect Your Faucets

While it might seem like the worst you have to deal with from a leaky faucet is just the constant dripping sound, it can also have a surprisingly large impact on your monthly water bills as well. This spring, check for moisture around the outside of your faucets, since oftentimes these faucets will have leaks that are hidden from view. While taking a look around, it is also a good idea to inspect under your cabinets and any other surrounding carpentry for wet spots that might indicate a leak. If you find any, have a plumber come in right away and make the necessary adjustments to get rid of the leaks.

Check Your Hose Bib

During the winter months, your outdoor hose faucet is easily one of most susceptible areas when it comes to freezing and cracking, and if you haven’t taken stock of how well this aspect of your home’s plumbing survived the winter, now is the time. Make sure to take a look at the faucet itself, as well as the surrounding wall areas of your home for evidence of any leaks, as these leaks can not only be a danger to the outside of your home, but to your home’s foundation as well if they are serious enough.

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