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A Guide to Green Plumbing Practices

Reducing your carbon footprint is the most fashionable and relevant argument made these days for switching from a traditional plumbing system to one that is eco-friendly. Not many people realize that they can enjoy significant savings by adopting green practices. While initial outlays may certainly turn out to be slightly expensive, the savings in the long term will more than make up for the initial costs incurred. Water and energy conservation as well as recycling are the mainstays of green practices in this area.

Reducing water usage

Water is a dwindling resource and it is not surprising that some people are of the opinion that nations may go to war over water in the future! You can do your bit to reduce water wastage by replacing fixtures such as faucets and shower heads with low flow alternatives. Installing water conserving toilet cistern models could be a smart option to explore as well. Most of these green fixtures can be bought from a local store that deals with plumbing supplies or home improvement. You can even purchase some online at great prices.

Energy-star certification for appliances

Several appliances in your home traditionally use up large amounts of water and energy than necessary. Some examples of these are the dishwasher, the water heater, and the washing machine. Energy Star is an energy efficiency program backed by the US Government, which rates products available in the market for their energy efficiency. Make sure you purchase appliances, which enjoy Energy-Star certification – these have been rigorously tested and will automatically offer you immense savings in terms of resource usage, be it water or electricity, and lower monthly bills.

Explore the solar power option

Switching to a solar powered water heater is a great option. But did you know that there are solar options for other household utilities also, such as the fountain style bird bath and the swimming pool pump? Solar energy is the most popular way to go green, and it is also an extremely clean, eco-friendly alternative form of energy, which generates no hazardous waste in the process.

Recycling scrap

Having replaced the traditional appliances, fixtures, and pipes with green alternatives, let’s now discuss what to do with the older fixtures and equipment that you have replaced. These could include lengths of copper tubing, old appliances, used fixtures, and other plumbing accessories. Some people resort to discarding them in the nearest dump. A much better, greener option would be to send them to an appliance or metal recycling center near you – and get paid for the scrap.

There are many ways to go green when it comes to the plumbing system of your home. You should get started with whatever falls in your budget and slowly align everything to being eco friendly and easy on your pocket. The tangible benefits of the savings that you derive can not be overlooked, especially because, as the years pass by, the utilities will continue to grow more and more expensive.

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